Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)

WWU currently has 34 AEDs on main campus and various branch locations.  While some of these units are mobile, such as the ones located in UPD patrol vehicles, the majority are located in alarmed cabinets near the main entrances to university buildings. 

To view a locations on main campus use the links below: 


Satellite Locations with AEDs include:

  • 32nd St - WWU Testing Center.  First Floor and Second Floor
  • Lakewood Boat House
  • Shannon Point Marine Center. First Floor Library Entrance


All AEDs are inspected on a monthly basis to ensure they are operable in the event of an emergency.

Training is not required to use an AED, training is very helpful to have in the stress of a cardiac emergency situation.  Environmental Health and Safety offers free training on CPR, First Aid, AED use, and emergency response to WWU employees.  However, this free EHS training is not available for students or student employees.  For questions about scheduled training or to schedule this training for a department, please contact the EHS main line at 360-650-3064.

Although city and county emergency responders are trained and equipped to respond to sudden cardiac arrest incidents, the time from call out to arrival on scene is often longer than ten minutes.  Survival rates can be dramatically increased if bystanders use CPR and an AED on a cardiac arrest victim while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

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