CHIMERA: Links, Instructions, and FAQ


CHIMERA is a software system that Western utilizes for the inventorying of chemicals across campus. Utilization of CHIMERA helps us comply with regulatory requirements and helps keep the campus and community safe, efficient, and resilient.


  • CHIMERA user link
  • CHIMERA registration link (for new users)
    • Note: For "Type of Access", the majority of users should choose "Staff". If you think that you require a different level of access, please contact EHS.
    • After submitting, your registration will need to be approved by EHS. This will generally be completed within one business day.
    • After EHS approval, you should be able to set your password and login using the CHIMERA user link.
  • CHIMERA Safety Data Sheet (SDS) search link (anyone affiliated with Western can access SDSs using their Western SSO; no registration required)


Upon logging in, you can access the CHIMERA Manual under the Account tab.

Western currently only uses the Chemical Inventory Module, so the other sections of the manual can be ignored at this time. 

All chemicals in a space should be inventoried in CHIMERA. When adding inventory to CHIMERA, please include as much information as possible. Accurate and comprehensive information is needed in order to attach the proper SDS to a given chemical.

  • EHS recommends the use of barcodes for easier inventorying and tracking purposes.
  • For certain items, such as DNA extraction kits, the entire kit can be entered as a single item in CHIMERA as long as there is an associated SDS for the entire kit.
  • If this is your first time inventorying your chemicals, don't get overwhelmed. We recommend starting with high-hazard areas first and gradually work towards inventorying lower hazard areas.

If you would like a virtual or in-person CHIMERA orientation/walkthrough, please reach out to


CHIMERA is a chemical inventorying system that Western utilizes to ensure compliance with a number of regulatory requirements and to ensure the safety of the campus and the surrounding community. 

Inventorying your chemicals helps ensure the safety of you and those around you in the event of an emergency. It also helps you keep track of what chemicals you already have on hand so that you do not acquire more chemicals than necessary. Inventorying helps EHS assess the hazards within your space and evaluate the current safety controls in place for these hazards. Also, it's the law.

  • WAC 296-901 Safety Standards for Hazard Communication - requires that safety data sheets for all hazardous chemicals are readily accessible. CHIMERA helps us meet this requirement by serving as a repository for safety data sheets.
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) - requires us to report on the storage, use, and releases of hazardous substances. CHIMERA helps us meet this requirement by ensuring that we are reporting the proper quantities of hazardous materials to federal, state, and local governments.
  • Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) - requires that chemical facilities with chemicals of interest (COI) above screening threshold quantities (STQ) develop and implement certain security measurements. CHIMERA helps us keep track of COI across campus. While we are not expected to reach the STQ of any COI at present, it is crucial that we keep track of this information.
  • Washington State Fire Code - sets forth quantity limits for the storage of hazardous materials. Accurate reporting in CHIMERA helps us ensure that we are within fire code limits and are not unnecessarily putting building occupants or first responders in danger in the event of an emergency.

While this will depend based on chemical use in the space, at a minimum, we request that you review your inventory in CHIMERA at least annually.

If you do not have many chemicals or your inventory does not change frequently, annually may be sufficient.

For groups that have large or fluctuating inventories, this process should occur more frequently.

Please email We can provide you with a stock of unique barcode labels. 

Please reach out to with additional questions.