Standard Operating Procedures & Safe Handling Guides


Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are a crucial component of a comprehensive safety program. SOPs provide a comprehensive set of steps for the handling of a particular chemical, chemical class, or other hazardous process. SOPs are a required component of your chemical hygiene plan as detailed in WAC 296-828-20005. While SOPs can be in a variety of formats, EHS has put together the following template to assist groups develop these documents.

Safe Handling Guides

Safe handling guides have been created for select high-hazard chemicals and chemical solutions. These guides are meant to supplement, not replace, safety data sheets, standard operating procedures, and other safety resources. They provide an overview of the hazards, storage and handling incompatibilities, handling and PPE recommendations, disposal procedures, and emergency and spill response procedures.

If there is a chemical or process that you would like EHS to review, contact and we can help put together an SOP and/or safe handling guide.