Construction Safety

At WWU, any construction/repair work must be undertaken with the safety of everyone as the foremost consideration.  This includes students, visitors, other employees and those doing the work.  Your participation in and strict adherence to the following safety programs helps protect everyone at the university:

Confined Spaces

Any entry into confined spaces requires training, a means of rescue available, and a permit from the EHS office. 

Hot work

Except in certain defined hot work areas, any work involving open flames or sparks requires a permit from the EHS office.


If more than five cubic feet of soil will be disturbed, this requires a permit from the EHS office.

Falls from height

Unless on a ladder, exposure to falls of four feet or more requires a fall protection work plan.  The EHS office can review this plan for any deficiencies.


Working in any area that has asbestos containing materials requires a pre-work hazard assessment.  EHS personnel can assist with identifying materials of concern and controls to prevent any exposure.

Heavy Equipment

Operating any heavy equipment, especially lift trucks or aerial lifts, requires training.  The EHS office conducts some of this training and can facilitate required training for equipment. 


Please contact the EHS office: 360-650-3064 or email

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