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CHIMERA - Chemical Inventory System Updates

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CHIMERA has been migrated to the cloud and has a new look!  

  • The new CHIMERA LINK is : www.chimeracloud.org/chimera   Update your bookmarks
  • Upon logging in the first time, users will need to go through a new account verification process to verify your email address and reset your password.
    • Please see the attached file for a step by step process on how this works.
    • Email addresses and Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE
    • Login is EITHER  your username and first.last  email address.  They are not interchangeable. 
  • Old Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Search page bookmarks must be updated.  Use:  https://chimeracloud.org/sds/
  • In addition to the conversion to the Cloud, a number of CHIMERA tools and functions have received a facelift during this process, the largest of which is the new Add Inventory tool. For more information related to it and the system as a whole, please see the new client manual attached below.
  • Contact EHS@wwu.edu if you do not remember your email login information. 

PDF icon Chimera First Time Login Instructions

Microsoft Office document icon 2019 CHIMERA USER Manual

IF YOU NEED TO REGISTER FOR A NEW CHIMERA ACCOUNT USE THIS LINK: http://chimeracloud.org/chimera/register.php?c=wwu 


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