Incident & Hazard Reporting

Incident, Injury, or Illness

Use the Incident Report form to report incidents or conditions which result in work-related injury or illness. Also, non-injury incidents with consequences such as motor vehicle accidents, hazardous spills, or property damage.

Hazards and Near Misses

Use the Hazard Report form to report a near miss or hazard that could potentially result in injury, illness, hazardous spills, or property damage. Examples are unsafe conditions, unsafe behaviors, improper equipment use, or unsafe equipment.

This form may be used to anonymously report concerns. If using the e-form version simply leave the email field blank. 

Important: Please do not use the Hazard form to report incidents, injuries, or illnesses. These require greater detail.

If you are a volunteer or visitor to campus or, prefer to report by phone or email please contact EHS at (360) 650-3064 or

Which Form to Use?

An image from Vector describing the difference between an incident and hazard

Questions? Contact EHS at (360) 650-3064 or