Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision

In our vision, all members of the Western community utilize innovation to create the safest learning and working environment possible.

Our mission is to embed the capacity for the Western community to internalize safety, inspiring early awareness of risks and personal responsibility for action. 

We strive for professionalism, efficiency, and accountability for university resources.  We work transparently, take planned risks and embrace the best new ideas in pursuing sustainable practices that protect the health and safety of our people and environment.

Interested in learning more? Our strategic goals for turning this vision into a reality, as well as a summary of the most recent EHS Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities & Threats (SCOT) Assessment can be found in the PDF here.

Safe Western Project

We at EHS deal with the effects of workplace injury and illness on a daily basis. We see the impact these have on members of the Western community and how it can affect their family and friends. All the while knowing that so much of it need not happen.

With this project we hope to raise awareness within the Western community and, ultimately, within the greater community of which we are a part. 
Awareness of:

  • The ability we all have to keep ourselves and others from harm.
  • The many ways we can put this ability to use.
  • The fact that we are all in this together.
  • The fact that keeping ourselves and others from harm doesn’t stop at the end of the workday or the edge of campus.
Safe Western Project - Healthy and Safe 24/7