Student Workers' Compensation

What To Do If You Have a Work-Related Injury or Illness

First, we hope you never need this information. The following are steps you need to take when you have a work-related injury or illness. For questions on the following please ask your supervisor or contact Western's Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager at (360) 650-2947 or e-mail

  1. Get treatment, whether onsite first aid or from a health care provider. Not all providers handle L&I claims so be sure to check before you go. The emergency room handles L&I claims. Walk- in or express care clinics and any occupational health clinic will almost always handle L&I claims and, unless your concern is serious, will likely be faster.
    • Note: Do not go to the Student Health Center. They do not handle treatment for work related injuries. They cannot bill L&I for this treatment and other insurance will deny payment if treatment is work-related
  2. Report all work-related injury or illness to your supervisor as soon as possible. Complete Step 6 even if no treatment is needed.
  3. Tell the health provider your concern is work related if you seek medical treatment. They need to know this from the beginning so they can begin the L&I claim paperwork. This also lets them know not to charge you or your insurance for any treatment.
  4. Complete the worker’s portion of the L&I Report of Accident (Workplace Injury, Accident, or Occupational Disease) at the provider’s office.
  5. Bring any work restrictions documents from your provider to your supervisor.
  6. Complete the WWU Incident and Hazard Reporting form
  7. Contact your supervisor once a week if you are off work to update your status.
  8. Bring any updates to your work restrictions to your supervisor.
  9. Work with Western's Claims Manager to be sure you are getting necessary treatment.
  10. Work with your supervisor, your provider, and Western's Claims Manager to return to work as soon as possible.
  11. Bring your supervisor a release from your provider when returning after a work-related absence.
  12. Get Well! This, of course, is the most important part.

Contact Information

Bruce Boyer

Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager
(360) 650-2947

Environmental Health and Safety

General Information line
(360) 650-3064

Confidential claim information fax line

(360) 788-0947

Visitor and Student Info

Visitors and students not receiving a WWU paycheck for their activities who sustain injury or illness should contact:

Paul Mueller CPCU

Director of Risk, Compliance, and Policy
(360) 650-3065